Civic Engagement

The Result

Vibrant grassroots movements, civic organizations, business leaders, city staff, and selfless residents actively and effectively collaborate in all areas of city operations and governance.

Elected officials and city staff take ownership of issues and are accountable for results. City, county and state branches of government coordinate their work to eliminate waste brought about by duplication of effort. The city cultivates inspired and effective leaders in selfless service to the community and is recognized for delivering transparency in government.

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The policies and services of multiple institutions impact voters. In order to vote, people interact with the government to register, rely on news media and the internet to learn about the ballot, negotiate time off with employers, and use streets and sidewalks to get to and from polling sites. Disaggregating the municipal voter turnout by sex and age shows us who is voting for Mayor and Council and helps identify opportunities to strengthen existing policies and services to increase turnout.

Voter Turnout by Sex

May 2019, Municipal Election | Source: Bexar County Elections Department

Voter Turnout by Age

May 2019, Municipal Election | Source: Bexar County Elections Department

For more info, see the City of San Antonio & Bexar County profiles.

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