Civic Engagement

The Vision

Vibrant grassroots movements, civic organizations, business leaders, city staff, and selfless residents actively and effectively collaborate in all areas of city operations and governance.

Elected officials and city staff take ownership of issues and are accountable for results. City, county and state branches of government coordinate their work to eliminate waste brought about by duplication of effort. The city cultivates inspired and effective leaders in selfless service to the community and is recognized for delivering transparency in government.

More of the story

The following graph shows the varying degrees of registered voters and turnout in approximated San Antonio City Council Districts. This is for the 2018 midterm elections, which saw a growth in both registered voters and turnout.

Voter Turnout in San Antonio, 2018 Midterm Election by City Council District: D1: 19.2%; D2: 12.7%, D3: 19.4%, D4: 22.8%, D5: 22.8%, D6: 34.6%, D7: 31.3%, D8: 40.7%, D9: 52.1%, D10: 38.9%

For more info, see the City of San Antonio & Bexar County profiles.

Call to Action
  • The 2019 municipal election happens on May 4, 2019. Keep your eye on for more information about candidates and resources.
  • Apply for a City Board or Commission. Find more info here.

Community Stories

Engaging a Generation of Leaders

With more than 10% of Bexar County’s population aged 18-24 and nearly 30% aged 25-44, MOVE Texas understands the importance of increasing the youth vote and bringing new voices into the electoral process.

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Civic Engagement Partners

100% of SA2020 Nonprofit Partners impact Civic Engagement.

2,022 people serve on Nonprofit Partner boards, and in the past year, 157,803 volunteers served more than 1.5 million hours.

Explore more of our multi-sector partners in the SA2020 Ecosystem Map