Economic Competitiveness

In 2020, San Antonio is recognized as a leader in business that prospers through innovation in 21st century industries.

The Vision

San Antonio has a highly qualified and educated workforce and provides economic opportunity for all of its residents.

The city fosters entrepreneurship as the engine of economic prosperity. It capitalizes on its unique historical and cultural heritage, as well as local institutions like its military bases, universities, medical centers and international airport system to become a leader in the global economy.

More of the Story

Change doesn’t come without understanding how policies and services have historically neglected low-income communities and communities of color. In order to affect change, San Antonio must take collective responsibility for advancing community results. Change happens when we acknowledge and agree to address root causes of our community’s greatest challenges. When accounting for the intersection of race/ethnicity and gender in Bexar County, 2016 1-year estimates show the following for per capita income.

San Antonio Per Capita Income by Gender, 2016: Total Male: $41,291 (± $980), Total Female: $36,094 (± $818)

San Antonio Per Capita Income by Race & Gender, 2016: Total Male: $41,291 (±387), Black Male (any ethnicity): $36,466 (±$2808), Hispanic Male: $35,376 (±415), Non-Hispanic White Male: $58,275 (±990), Total Female: $36,094 (±352), Black Female (any ethnicity): $31,370 (±1379), Hispanic Female: $31,550 (±415), Non-Hispanic White Female: $48,652 (+911)

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Call to Action

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Community Stories

High School Students Kick Off Their Careers

Jungle Disk is located in the heart of downtown at Geekdom. For Stacy Carrisalez, who will be the first in her family to attend college, a summer internship at the small cybersecurity company grew her education goals to include a Master’s in Computer Science.

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Economic Competitiveness Partners

50% of SA2020 Nonprofit Partners impact Economic Competitiveness. 

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