By 2020, San Antonio has orchestrated one of the greatest turnarounds in education in the United States.

The Vision

San Antonio provides access to quality education for all students no matter where they live in our city.

The city is propelled forward by an approach where students learn, teachers thrive, parents engage, and residents contribute to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century in a way that rivals any city in America. This San Antonio approach to education develops residents who are thinkers, problem-solvers, and lifelong learners, prepared to tackle our society’s greatest challenges and proud to call San Antonio their home.

More of the Story

High School graduation rate varies by school district.

Four-year longitudinal graduation rate by school district in Bexar County, 2017-18 school year: ALAMO HEIGHTS ISD	96.9 HARLANDALE ISD 94.3 EDGEWOOD ISD 90.7 RANDOLPH FIELD ISD 100 SAN ANTONIO ISD 83.1 SOUTH SAN ANTONIO ISD 50.9 SOMERSET ISD 93.5 NORTH EAST ISD	91.6 EAST CENTRAL ISD 91.7 SOUTHWEST ISD	93.8 LACKLAND ISD 97.3 FT SAM HOUSTON ISD 100 NORTHSIDE ISD 95.9 JUDSON ISD 85.2 SOUTHSIDE ISD 89.8

The percentage of attrition of 9th graders by race/ethnicity shows incremental change, narrowing the gap between students of color and White students.

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Community Stories

A Classroom Education for the Real World

Amadeo Torres Ortiz, 15, rides 45 minutes every morning to attend CAST Tech, and he’s not the only one who spends close to an hour in morning traffic. While the high school is definitely more rigorous than he expected, he also describes it as more fun.

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Education Partners

81% of SA2020 Nonprofit Partners impact Education. 

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