Environmental Sustainability

In 2020, San Antonio is recognized as a respectful steward of its natural resources and a model for responsible resource management.

The Result

San Antonio promotes responsible growth and the use of sustainable environmental practices. Its strategy is based on an integrated approach that establishes a green economy and focuses on three key areas:


Water resources are plentiful and effectively managed through a combination of conservation, supply development and other practices to support growth and sustainability for the next 50 years. The Edwards Aquifer continues to be protected and enhanced as the foundation of our present and future water supply. Continued longer term studies and analysis are conducted to identify more regional water supplies to support growth through the end of the 21st century.


The community relies on a well-balanced and affordable energy program combining the best advances in new technology with traditional energy sources to promote economic growth and environmental stewardship.


Development practices are focused on Smart Growth, Low Impact Development and Green Building.

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More of the Story

We are seeing growth in Increasing Recycling Rates in San Antonio, though not at the rate necessary to meet the 2020 goal. The following graph shows the percentage and type of waste diverted from the landfill.

San Antonio Residential Waste Diverted from Landfill by Type

2019 | Source: City of San Antonio, Solid Waste Management

Knowing what to recycle is an important component to increasing recycling rates. It includes paper (like newspaper, flattened cardboard, magazines, and office paper), plastics (like bottles, bowls, cups, and jars), glass (like bottles and jars), and metals (like aluminum drink cans and baking tins, and steel or tin food cans). Visit San Antonio’s Solid Waste Department for more info on recycling.

Environmental Sustainability Partners

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