Health & Fitness

In 2020, San Antonio residents are among the healthiest in the country.

The Vision

San Antonio promotes well-being by providing healthy and affordable food choices, convenient access to green spaces and recreational facilities, and a robust network of physical and mental healthcare designed to eliminate existing health disparities in the community.

More of the Story

When the total teen birth rate is disaggregated we see a meaningful reduction across race/ethnicity, but a wide gap persists between white young mothers and young mothers of color, particularly Latinas. Tracking teen pregnancy data in the aggregate for 15-19 year-olds hides the racial/ ethnic disparities among younger versus older mothers.

Teen Birth Rate by Race Ethnicity, 2015

The San Antonio Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaborative increased the 2020 goal to a reduction in the teen birth rate by 50% after successfully meeting San Antonio’s first two targets of 15% and 25% respectively.

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Community Stories

Promoting Healthy Behavior—and Policy—Through Play

At the H-E-B Body Adventure, a four-story exhibit at the Witte Museum, visitors of all ages test their strength, practice relaxation techniques, choose healthy meal options, and view the inner-workings of the digestive system.

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Health & Fitness Partners

63% of SA2020 Nonprofit Partners impact Health & Fitness. 

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