The Community Vision

In 2010, we started with a question: “In the year 2020, what do you want our city to look like?” Our community came up with a list of goals that span eleven community results that make up a vision for the future of San Antonio:

“Our residents are amongst the healthiest in the nation with access to quality education and economic opportunity. San Antonio is the safest big city in the U.S. and our neighborhoods are connected with residents that are engaged civically. The city is growing, but is sustaining its natural resources as a respectful steward. San Antonio has public transportation that is recognized as a model of efficiency, a vibrant downtown, a diverse and thriving creative community, and a local government that’s responsive and accountable. Our entire community takes responsibility for our collective well-being.”

Summary of Progress

Community Progress: Dig Deeper

This chart shows our overall progress toward each goal in San Antonio’s Community Vision. Hover over a section of the chart to see the indicator and the latest data, or click on a Community Result to learn more.

Data is important, but it doesn’t tell the full story.

San Antonio’s Community Vision is made up of eleven Community Results—conditions of well-being for the entire San Antonio population—and each Result makes up a section of this report. By referencing the vision at the start of each section, we ask that you be results-driven first and data-informed second. The data is only as important as the results we seek to achieve.

While navigating San Antonio’s progress, ask yourself:

  • “Why do we care about this goal?”
  • “Is there a better way to get to the heart of this result?”
  • “How would we know we’re making progress toward the results we want to see?”
  • “How would we recognize results in measurable terms?”
  • “Why is this indicator moving?”
  • “Why is this one lagging?”
  • “What current policies and programs could be shifted to better account for the different histories and needs of the community?”
  • “How might I make a greater impact?”