In 2020, San Antonio is known for its cohesive neighborhoods with compelling and unique personalities.

The Vision

Modern linked mass transit, improved infrastructure and a concerted effort to preserve and maintain our historic buildings, parks and open spaces complement smart growth patterns.

The result is a livable and vibrant community that is strongly connected to its past and maintains its small town feel.

More of the Story

With more than one third of San Antonians paying more than 30% of their income on housing, disaggregating the information by homeowners and renters shows that area renters are especially affected by housing cost burden.

Housing Cost Burden, 2017: 1 of every 5 homeowners is burdened by cost; 1 of every 2 renters is burdened by cost

To read more about San Antonio’s Housing Policy, see the Mayor’s Housing Policy Task Force Report.

To see the full Neighborhoods report, click here.

Call to Action
Community Stories

A Community-Wide Approach to Housing

“Housing is not an individual challenge but a community issue that requires the attention of our local government,” Lourdes Castro Ramírez, Chair of the Mayor's Housing Policy Task Force, says.

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Neighborhoods Partners

17% of SA2020 Nonprofit Partners impact Neighborhoods. 

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