In 2020, San Antonio’s transportation system is recognized as a model of efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The Vision

San Antonio is served by an environmentally-friendly transportation system where everyone is able to walk, ride, drive or wheel in a safe, convenient, and affordable manner to their desired destinations.

Frequent and reliable mass transit services connect communities, and transportation infrastructure meets community needs.

More of the Story

The SA2020 Green Dividend shows that decreasing vehicle miles traveled by one mile per person per day could decrease annual driving expenses in the San Antonio metro region by $453 million.

A one-mile per person per day decrease would equal 2.23 million fewer miles driven in San Antonio everyday, and San Antonio metro region total annual driving expenses would decrease by $453 million

Call to Action

Increase your alternative transportation use. Ride VIA Transit once a week, use a Swell Cycle, or carpool with a co-worker.

Community Stories

Building a Transportation System That Works for All

Joe Treviño’s life changed overnight when he fell 20 feet from the roof of his home and landed on the metal guardrail of a trampoline. The accident left him paralyzed from the waist down and emotionally reeling. A carpenter by trade, he didn’t know how he would support his family or even get around.

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Transportation Partners

7% of SA2020 Nonprofit Partners impact Transportation. 

Explore more of our multi-sector partners in the SA2020 Ecosystem Map