In 2020, San Antonio’s transportation system is recognized as a model of efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The Result

San Antonio is served by an environmentally-friendly transportation system where everyone is able to walk, ride, drive or wheel in a safe, convenient, and affordable manner to their desired destinations.

Frequent and reliable mass transit services connect communities, and transportation infrastructure meets community needs.

Learn More
  • The Texas Department of Transportation offers more information on the 281 project here.
  • VIA Metro Transit has been increasing frequency of rides and updating technology to help create more access for riders. In 2020, VIA is asking for the community’s help in reimagining our transit system. Learn more here.
  • Discover more about the Housing and Transportation Affordability Index, a part of a broader effort to explore urban sustainability through location efficiency here. See San Antonio’s H&T® Index.
  • Read more about the Vision Zero Network, including what other communities have committed to eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries.
  • The Texas Department of Transportation offers more information on the 281 project that includes HOV lanes and should see partial completion in 2020 here.
More of the Story

Increasing Alternative Transit Use has implications for affordability. Currently, 75% of residents in the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area pay 22% or more on transportation costs, according to The Housing and Transportation (H&T®) Affordability Index through The Center for Neighborhood Technology. On average, San Antonians spend over $12,000 on total auto costs annually, including gas and maintenance.

Transportation Partners

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